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If passing your next test is a must, then this is without a doubt the answer to your troubles.


We tend to cheat ourselves out of our own success - let our trained Cheattechs help you cheat your anxiety out of your reality.



We at CT tech provide a set of micro devices that you need to improve your performance,  achieve  your  goals  and         secure         your        SUCCESS.


This system is mainly designed to motivate you and a tool to boost your confidence.




Be the SMARTEST in your class!


Hundreds of students have guaranteed top class rankings and excellent test results     with     our    proven    method.  

Remember practice makes perfect and having an expert assist you in the understanding of the material is optimum.


We do not condone using this system during the actual test...  this would not be ethical and probably not within legal bounds or  authorized by  the academia.


Endless uses for the CT2020 system.. even  to  play  a  prank  on  your  friends.


Boost academic results... ask us about the optional one on one 30 minute confidence training we are presently offering  by   a  trained   hypnotherapist.




Just follow our easy instructions.


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     CT-CSA 2020

Originally designed for private security team operations, this system now offers students  the opportunity to be assisted by the expert of their choice.


Order   your    CT-CSA2020     System     and have your friends/professors/ other students  train/study/explain to you via the web, be they where they may and provide you with the answers while you practice      for       the      actual        test.


To illustrate another example:

Mireille, a French exchange student in the U.S. working on her masters, needed to work on her thesis with her advisor who was back in France. She used the system to send pictures of pages in live time. Meaning her advisor received high quality pictures within seconds and discussed content of the pages in their entirety in real time. Since she heard her advisor through CT2020 audio system, their conversation and discussion was as if they were sitting next to one another. She did this at the library using the University's wi-fi which facilitated crystal clear communication with her advisor in another continent, for FREE and  in real time as if they were sitting side by side. 

Possibilities are endless... how can this system serve you?




Brief Description: 

Much as CT-CSA2020 this model offers all the same functions but offers much higher megapixel camera system ...  it is being redesigned as it proved bulky as compared to the CTA-CSA2020 and slower transmit speed due to the extreme megapixel/ size of file.


Transmit images taken by you in actual time and said images will automatically be received by whomever will speak to you and you with them (both looking at same material) as long as they and you, have internet...  very cool, very discreet so that you can do it from a quiet library setting ..  very beneficial to any student.


Let us help you make your success a  reality right now.


*User Guaranteed results are based on individual`s ability to follow instructions: practice, practice, practice using equipment prior to actual test and depends on you choosing the appropriate support person(s) to provide explanations and correct responses.(in some instances we may be able to assist you in finding an expert in your respective discipline).

** Hypnotherapist offer is subject to change and does not guarantee past, present or future results. Every individual responds differently to suggestion and service is provided pro bono currently.

All offerings are subject to availability and we support only legal use of any product sold. User must adhere to all pertinent respective use laws. 

Results depend upon user(s)' usage of same as well as discipline of self  independent of efficacy of products, CT (Cheattech.com) will be held harmless and in no way responsible for results and have been advised to inform user, products are for entertainment purposes only.

Cheattech name is derived from cheating user's anxiety: no more, no less.




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