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System CT - CSA 2020: Spy Cam & Audio


System CT2020: Spy Cam & Audio


** Better image and now with audio imperceptible to anyone but the listener.


** Now, comunicate with your support group via our system of Beeps to have them give you specifics re: particular question, repeat a response, skip forward, go back, etc. 



System dynamics are as follows:


Automatically send images/pictures of your test in actual time to your support group in any part of the world within seconds.


Your support group will figure out the answer and speak it to you via an imperceptible device you will be wearing. They must speak in a clear tone and allow you the opportunity to write as you hear....  remember, you will have the option to ask them to repeat anything you may not have caught the first time around.  


Comunication between you and your team will be made via cell phone through invisible means... we will provide further details upon delivering your order.




CT2020 Spy Cam / Audio System

USB cable

Instruction Manual

One-on-one tech support


*** Not included: 3G or 4G card


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Spy-Stealth Audio system CT44 - proprietary communication button and microphone


Audio with communication Beep response system and microphone.


Audio invisível and undetectable to third parties


Capacity to answer you cell phone in regular mode.


Receive stealth communication via audio such as answers to tests, listen to MP3 recordings without anyone being the wiser. 


When pressed, a specific button will send a Beep sound to whomever is on the other side of the phone call. Communication through Beeps is proprietary to Cheat Tech and will only be disclosed at training.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.









                  Connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone

                  Answer a basic call 

                  Microfone to use discreetly on your clothing

                  Proprietary stealth communication button - Beep operation  

                  Increase and decrease volume control button


This micro-audio equipment system will undoubtedly meet all your needs in stealth communication. 



 Included in box:


          Audio component

          Proprietary Beep response button


          USB cable

          Instructions Manual


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